Ecken und Kanten | 2012
                                  | CONCEPT / ILLUSTRATION / CREATIVE DIRECTION
                                Martin Grohs
                                  | CONCEPT
                                   In German there is a kind of proverb. "It is good to be someone with corners and edges."
                                   This means it is better to have your own opinion, be an individual and that you don’t have to be perfect
                                   and not being a yes-man or a follower.

                                   All characters are composed of the same elements, but just the proportions - the corners and edges -  make the difference!
                                   I've chosen this as the inspiration for this project.
I just want to show that these corners and edges 
are in the wrong proportions as ugly as to be slippery.
                                   So I just want to show only bad characteristics - bad corners and edges,
                                   which have a negative effect on others and thus are more undesirable.
                                   [ conceited, snooty, unaproacheable, egoistical, arrogant, intolerant, knwo-all, prejudiced, destructive, chaotic,
                                   inconsistent, cheeky, pretentious, spiteful, jealous, condescending, primitive, greedy, unfeeling, emotionless,
                                heartless, irascrible, lazy, undisciplined, aggressive, irritating, lethargic, megalomaniac ... ]


                                   Inspired by Alexey Kurbatov
 | SNOOTY   
 arrogant, intolerant, conceited, egoistical
 | UNFEELING    emotionless, heartless, cold-blooded
undisciplined, irascible, cheeky, destructive
Digital revision, sketches, original size 60x40cm