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    Brand for the Alkalmazott Művészeti Intézet (Institute of Applied Arts), a.k.a "AMI"
Brand for the Institute of Applied Arts
Brand design for the Alkalmazott Művészeti Intézet, "AMI"
School Project, 2011
University of West-Hungary
Institute of Applied Arts

The brand of the Institute of Applied Arts must capable to speak to everybody. Must to reflect the institute's aims, his endeavours, the thinkings and spirituality of its students' and instructors'. It must to fit for all the three fact (architect, design and graphic designer), and must capable to be renew, it must to be possible to adapt it onto all other surfaces.Let it to be possible to preserve the bases of the brand with the modifications too, but let it to be possible to create new, unique surfaces.
I would liked to make the brand from reduced elements. I worked with basical geometrical forms - they express creativity and sense development.
The elements could be made from any kind of material (tree, paper, rubber, glass, etc.), they may appear in any kind of way (printed, spatial formation, drawn by hand, etc.), they may appear in any colour (apart from the brand colours).
 The first versions of the logo
 The concept of the logoIt was made from the base forms: triangle, square and circle.The triangle is similar to the "A", square to the "M" and circle to the accent of "I"
 Base forms to the three fact:Triangle for the Graphic Designer, stumped square for the Architect and circle for the Designer.
 The final logo
 Alternate uses of the logo
 Typography and brand colours
 Layout tables of the building
 The number of the students, 2005-2010by fact, and by BA and MA
 The number of the students, 2009-2010by fact, by semester and by BA and MA
 Students with ERASMUS
 The teachers and employees of the Institute of Applied Arts
Advertising posters
 Anamorph typography sketches