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    Studio design proposal for a new "Civic Park Quarter" in Downtown Los Angeles along Spring Street between Aliso and 3rd Streets.
Civic Park Quarter
Centered on the proposed Rios Clementi Hale Studios' design for Civic Park in Downtown Los Angeles, Civic Park Quarter is an urban design and development proposal to reinvigorate life along Spring Street. The park proposal creates a public space that is dynamic and “contributes to and celebrates the peoples and cultures of Los Angeles.” In order to fully maximize the Civic Park, this project proposes to create a cross axis and continuation of dynamic spaces to the north and south along Spring Street.  Its development will create unique opportunities for housing and civic additions to this section of Downtown Los Angeles.

Civic Park Quarter's design and development proposals include:

Community Building | Northwest Corner of 1st and Spring Streets
The site is currently a vacant lot.  This makes for a fantastic location for redevelopment - the site is ready to be developed and borders the Civic Park.  We propose constructing a community building on this site.  Given its central location and proximity to the park, this is an ideal location for a community gathering place.  The building can provide services such as meeting space, galleries, continual education programs, day care services and recreational classes.  This center has the potential to be the nexus for the community life in the Civic Park Quarter and creating a better residential district in Downtown Los Angeles.

Lofts on Second | Southwest Corner of 2nd and Spring Streets
This site is currently a surface parking lot.  Its prime corner location on 2nd and Spring Streets makes it ideal for development.  We propose redevelopment of this parking lot into a much more efficient, valuable use.  It would include a mixed-use, ground floor commercial and retail spaces with residential units above and tucked away parking in the back.  A much denser, more attractive, and more economically viable use is possible on this site through our proposal and can greatly improve the housing conditions in Civic Park Quarter.

Third Street Lofts | Southeast Corner of 3rd and Spring Streets
Another current surface parking lot.  The proposed development of the site will include a new residential complex.  By allowing for inventive, modern architecture or a unique development, this proposal would compliment the mixture of architectural styles in Downtown.  

Spring Street Studios | West Side of Spring Streets Between 2nd and 3rd Streets
Another current surface parking lot.  Its unique location, to the north of the historic Douglas Building Lofts and to the south of the Los Angeles Times' parking structure creates an opportunity for an infill development.  Creating row house style studios that support live/work will greatly enhance the Civic Park Quarter and extend the arts scene from south Spring Street into this neighborhood.

Hall of Justice Tower | Southwest Corner of Aliso and Spring Streets
Located just north of the historic Hall of Justice building, this site is currently vacant.  The Hall of Justice is planned to be renovated and a new modern tower to its side will help strengthen the area and provide housing for those wishing to live in close proximity to the City Hall, Court Building and this unique Hall of Justice.  The Hall of Justice and adjacent Hall of Justice Tower will be true flagship developments and residential projects in Downtown Los Angeles.

This project proposal was developed by Laron Turley, Alan Como, and John Andy Olson.   Site analysis, development proposals and photo montages of the design and development proposals as well as putting the presentation together in inDesign was the work of Laron Turley.

Fall 2010 | University of Southern California
Project work by Laron Turley (MPL / Certificate in Arch), Alan Como (MPL / Certificate in Arch), and John Andy Olson (MPL)