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    Calendar Design for SF DYES P.S : Project during internship at Kena Design, B'lore
Calendar Design + Illustrations
Pencil + Coffee + Google + Adobe Illustrator
As a part of the college curriculum, we are supposed to intern for 6 weeks after semester 6. I interned at Kena Design in Banaglore, during which I was supposed to make the 2012 calendar for their client named SF DYES, who manufacture and sell fabric dyes. Hence the illustrations were supposed to be inspired by colour and texture. Hence, I came up with the concept of showcasing the different Terrains in India using the basic concept of form, pattern and texture.
Indian City
To be honest, to get the essence of an Indian city, wasn't easy. This Indian cityscape includes textures made from motifs like bricks, decorative elements inspired from Indian culture. The cityscape also shows intricate details about the indian culture like kite flying, clothes hanging on terrace etc.
Indian forest
Motifs forming the textures are inspired from the flora and fauna of the Indian rain forests. 
The Himalayas
The motifs for the texture are inspired from the climatic features. The gradient looks like fog around the terrain.
Indian Ocean
Basic concept of showing waves with motifs like shells, fishes, etc forming the textures.
Rock Desert
A lot of area in India is a dry, arid region characterized with rock deserts. I have not used particular characterstic features of the terrain here but motifs to create textures forming rocks.
Sand Desert
Inspired from the deserts in Rajasthan. Motifs for textures are like, flora and fauna of deserts, and cultural elements.
The Sand Deserts
Indian City
Indian Forest
The Himalayas
Rock Desert
Indian Ocean