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    ZooTattoo: the idea and graphic style for tattoo and piercing shop.
the idea and graphic style for tattoo and piercing shop
This project includes the creation of image conception and corporate identity for a real-life professional tattoo and piercing shop. The entire corporate identity is represented in 13 sections of the album: the idea, typography, color and photo style, fencing, printwork, tattoo shop, equipment, zoo-mobile, sketches, advertising, vandalism, clothing, accessories.
The Idea

Everyone knows that snakes change their skin. Does anyone know the snake that can change the skin of people forever? It’s Tattoo Cobra. Tattoo Cobra is the queen of all snakes. It is unique. Professional tattoo and piercing shop became Tattoo Cobra’s palace and is known as ZooTattoo shop. The victims of Tattoo Cobra are not average people, they are personalities with bold fantasy and beautiful bodies. Professional tattoos on their bodies are the after-effects of Tattoo Cobra’s venomous bites. High quality tattooer Zuev Roman is the only one who managed and meekened Tattoo Cobra. Like a snake plunges its teeth into the body of its victim and injects poison, Roman’s tattooing machine immits paint under the skin of a client. The after-effects of the bites are irreversible. Those who are bitten by Tattoo Cobra, will never be the same. People like after-effects of Tattoo Cobra’s bites. Venom - tattoo ink - once having got under the skin, causes addiction. Soon the man comes back for a new portion of venom. And one more time. And more. Till the entire body is covered with exquisite paintings of the whole range of colors. Tattoo Cobra symbolizes all that is inherent in tattoo culture: freedom, boldness, risk, and uncompromising attitude.

The logo of the tattoo shop ZooTattoo is represented in the form of a two-tier stylized graphic-font image. The upper part of the logo consists of the first three letters of the name of the tattoo shop and has a phonetic resemblance to the last name of the owner of the tattoo shop - tattooer Roman Zuev (Zuev [zu:ev] = Zoo [zu:]). The word Zoo is an association with the world of wild nature, with unpredictable and adventurous behavior of its representatives. The letters in the word Zoo are depicted as cobra, which unfurled the hood and twisted its body making rings and showing its willingness to attack and bite. The lower part - Tattoo - points out the specific activity of the tattoo shop. The tip of the inscription Tattoo has a shape of cobra’s tongue. In addition to the logo of the tattoo shop ZooTattoo more graphic elements were designed in the same style. Some stylistic elements were created in the shape of forked or twisted tongue of cobra for decorative purposes: the & (ampersand), P (stands for ruble), the sign for year of foundation (est. – establishment), etc. Apart from the main logo, Z-logo was specially designed for specific purposes as a more simplified and concise version of the identificatory mark of ZooTattoo. Zoo-Font was also designed for the identificatory purpose. The style of all the branded elements provides opportunity to make combinations within definite graphic units.
Color & Photo Style

There are three main colors in the original ZooTattoo’s colour range: yellow, white and black. Each of the colors has a special meaning and certain associations. Yellow color means warning and attention, it signals the area of Tattoo Cobra, which is the main concept of the designed style. White color is associated with sterility and cleanliness in the process of tattooing. Black color is the main color of tattoos and creates all the graphics in the corporate style: black logo, fonts, the contours of Tattoo Cobra and other graphical elements. Graphical representation of Tattoo Cobra makes a palette of 15 colors. Since the image of Tattoo Cobra is used practically in all branding articles, the color range of Tattoo Cobra graphics form additional corporate colors that resonate with the chosen photo style.

There is a great difference between "tattoo forever" and "passing fad". Tattoo remains with its host all his life. Fencing in ZooTattoo’s corporate style prevents people from taking unreasonable actions and offers to think about the changes in their bodies, which will be the result of meeting with Tattoo Cobra. Chain-link / netting, warning tape / cordon tape and warning signs serve to make fencing. The pattern of the chain-link fencing reminds of the scaly skin of a snake, so the fencing suggests that somewhere nearby Tattoo Cobra is hiding, cold as metal and ready to bite your body any moment. Netting pattern is widely used in the decoration of ZooTattoo’s interior. Cordon tape in the corporate style marks the area where you can meet with Cobra Tattoo, thus warning about the danger. This cordon tape can be used during the tours of ZooTattoo for interior decoration. Scotch is also designed in the corporate style.


All printwork was designed as if to hide Tattoo Cobra lurking somewhere. When you open an envelope or a folder, you come across Tattoo Cobra and get enchanted with its steady look. There are two types of visiting cards: ZooTattoo’s card with the cordon tape on the front side, and personal tattooer’s card with the picture of Tattoo Cobra for those who have already become its victims.
Tattoo Shop

ZooTattoo shop is Tattoo Cobra's lair. Not to give Tattoo Cobra a chance to slip, all windows and doors are fenced with netting in the corporate style. This design of the facade is intriguing and attracts attention of passers-by. There is an album with pictures illustrating the after-effects of Tattoo Cobra’s bites throughout the history of the tattoo shop. Corporate desktop calendar with figures, arranged in cells of netting can be used for making notes.


Tattoo shop ZooTattoo, alongside with professional services, manufactures and sells all the necessary equipment for tattooing. The authenticity and quality of these products is confirmed with Z-logo on the details of the equipment and packaging. Tattoo inks are marked as "poison". Tattoo machine is stored in the safe - Tattoo Cobra is not disturbed. For customer service at home there is a special case / bag, in which the tattooer keeps everything he needs to work outside the tattoo shop. The upper part of the bag is styled with the netting pattern to prevent Tattoo Cobra from getting free.


In the long summer season at the resorts holidaymakers have a desire to decorate and exhibit their bodies. They spend a lot of time sun tanning and it makes them look alike. Zoo-mobile - ZooTattoo tattoo shop on wheels – is ready to make them feel different and unique. The new format of ZooTattoo shop is here to attract crowds of customers. Back from vacation tanned with a tattoo on their bodies, many people will feel somewhat special. All the necessary equipment is inside the van. Tattoo Cobra makes her presence visible with fencing, cordon tape, Zoo-mobile and other items in the corporate style.

One of the most important stages in the process of creation of tattoos is the selection of the proper drawing. ZooTattoo souvenir album for sketches is available in the tattoo shop. Some pages in the album are empty, and some pages suggest contours of different parts of human body for making sketches on them. It is very convenient, for one can immediately see the way it will look like. The clients can compete in making designs for their tattoo. The winner gets a free tattoo from ZooTattoo tattoo shop.

Print advertising still remains popular and effective. To advertise ZooTattoo tattoo shop in the local magazines we have designed original two-layer print, imitating Tattoo Cobra being held behind the fence. The possibility of repeated reference to the advertising media is an important factor. Promotional stickers with ZooTattoo symbols are popular among the bitten by Tattoo Cobra people.
Advertising Vandalism

Advertising vandalism produces maximum effect at minimum expense. All advertising presented in this section is carried out mainly in the streets and in in public places. Graffiti, paintings on walls and asphalt and posting shocking ads will attract everybody’s attention.

One of the points of the marketing plan of ZooTattoo shop is manufacture and sale of souvenir clothes. The inscription "Укушен Тату Коброй" / "Bitten by Tattoo Cobra" on the T-shirt tells that the owner of this T-shirt has got a tattoo or piercing in ZooTattoo tattoo shop. The painted hood of the jumper easily turns into Tattoo Cobra’s unfurled hood with a lace in the form of snake’s tongue. Woven belt for trousers looks like the cordon tape in the corporate style. Leather belt looks more sophisticated with the ZooTattoo’s netting pattern and the metal plate with Z-logo. Big in size price tags with large numbers are attached to all wares, so one can clearly see the prices that are affordable. Package is marked with ZooTattoo logo.


To go with the above represented clothes some fashionable branded accessories were designed: bandanas, fitted hats, badges, belts. Wearing bandana with the picture of Tattoo Cobras’s head on it one can easily imagine himself a tattoo-predator.