WAWA Wooden Surfboards Branding, Identity and Website
WAWA is a wooden surfboard manufacturer in Cape Town, Muizenberg, producing locally made surfboards, as well as bellyboards and handslides. Each board is beautifully handmade, crafted to perfection and distinctly unique.

The WAWA logo was created in collaboration with the WAWA team, using sandpaper to create real scratches and worn edges. K&i has designed posters, business cards, swing tags, brochures, various adverts, the website and blog, including some of the product and lifestyle photography. K&i also designed the WAWA exhibition space at the FoodWineDesign Fair.

The brand WAWA has since been featured on various blogs and websites around the world, and in the local VISI Magazine as well as the TV show Top Billing. The video ‘Ode to Simplicity’, filmed and edited by Manu Grafenauer from Enjoy The Soup, featuring Alaia shaper and surfer Andrew Strode from WAWA, was the opening film at Wavescape's 2014-beach screening.