Casino Vector Art and Animation 
Top Glass Vector Art and Title Treatments

The top glass was made as a vector art test by myself. The two logos were designed by Kristen Scallion and Kyushik Shin in Photoshop and I was assigned to rebuild them in Illustrator.
Pick Bonus Burst and Idle Animation

For simplicity, I rendered all the animation back to back, but the five 10 frame electric bolts are randomized in game for the idle animation. Electricity effect was hand drawn in Flash and imported into After Effects for addition glow/scaling and organization.

Large Symbol Animation

Created and separated in Photoshop, then animated via After Effects. 
Symbols were created via Photoshop by Kyushik Shin.

Slot Symbols and Animation 

Vector and rasterized symbols and corresponding 10 frame animations loops.
Banner Text Treatments and Painted Icon Symbols

Particle Effects

Hand drawn in Photoshop and programmed with in-house particle software. A great amount of effort was required to keep the particle count under 100 to maintain fluidity in game. Full screen effects however, were special occasions and could double that count.