Lighting Decisions
My Professor, Jordan Schulman, assigned to us the task of recreating nine different lighting situations. This not only pushed me to go farther with the composition of my photos but to also continue to explore the boundary between the photographer and the sitter. One of the hardest parts of photographing people is to have them comfortable with you asking for specific things; even harder, however, is having the courage to demand things from your subjects. These individuals formed an extraordinary group willing to push beyond the expected. To them, I say thank you for helping me validate one of my passions. These photos currently posted may be re-done for further quality, but it is a work in progress, and I want to include those pictured in every step of the development process.
Top Light
Model: Paul Carisma
Front Light
Model: Alyssa Marie Thordarson
Side Light
Models: Jen Fitzgerald and Sayla Blackwood
Soft Light
Models: Molly Brown and Cate Davison
Low Key Light
Model: Kelsey Rohrer
Bottom Light
Model: Jon Beal