Brand Design Renewal
theLAB108 is a premium select-shop that develops various brands from the concept of 'Athleisure'. The shop provides the latest trend and premium women active-wear by consistently and rapidly introducing overseas brands to women in their twenties to forties, who consider health, style, and beauty all at once. theLAB108 seeks for the 'Look and Feel': Street look which can be mix and matched with the city look, and is not restricted to a certain space. Moreover, the look escapes the monotonous design of active-wear while maximizing femininity and securing functionality.
Project Objective
As theLAB108 launched offline store in the Hyundai Department Store, the third largest store in Korea, its 'New Brand-ness' started to become a necessity. Furthermore, in the current masculine and functionality-focused outdoor market, theLAB108 tried to draw the differentiated brand strategy, which emphasizes on feminine style and luxurious.
Moreover, the shop aims to provide the strong brand image of theLAB108 by a coherent brand design from the brand strategy, and brand identity to the design of the brand application.
A few samples of existing brand look
Brand logo / color / pattern / typography / photography / website / price tag / coupon
Brand Design Inspiration / Concept 
The brand design of theLAB108 started from the origin of the brand naming "108".
"1" stands for the unification of mental health and physical health based on psychological realization.
"0" stands for the emptying and calming of the mind. Lastly,
"8" stands for the infinite beauty.
Inspired by such a meaning of "108", the brand identity is drawn as a stable column, lingering margin, and repeating straight and curved lines. The overall communication of the brand is drawn from the motif, the marbling expressing of infinite beauty and unification of mental and physical health.
Brand Design Application
The brand tone and manner are established based on the neutral tones, which are feminine, gorgeous and elegant but not excessive, applying the brand characteristics of theLAB108, which sells the active-wear with the concept of 'Athleisure'.
The brand logo and the design essence (color, motif, typography, photography, material and sound) are coherently applied in the overall brand application.
Paper Bag
Price Tag
Brand MD Products
Gift Bag
Freebie - Towel
Interior Prop