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    Stereotypes project goes to challenge the judgmental view of how we see people through dress and style and the labels that are associated with th… Read More
    Stereotypes project goes to challenge the judgmental view of how we see people through dress and style and the labels that are associated with them. The work then goes to deconstruct these views and abstract them breaking down the barriers. Read Less
'Since I was child people have judged me for who I am and how I look. This project goes to challenge those people's way of thinking'.
The purpose of the stereotypes work is to break the barriers and judgemental nature that society has created through looks, who we are, and what we do. I believe in getting to know someone and not to take someone at face value. The materials used in this are painting, digital art and mixed media. The people who have inspired me are Andy Warhol, Toy Lichtenstein, Banksy, Richard Phillips and Katsura Funakoshi. Culture alters the dress as does fashion trends.
'Society' Pencil on paper produced in sketchbook A3 2007
In this picture the work goes to capture the varying culture differences and the of wanting to be different and to stand out from a crowd hence the colors being so bold and vibrant as I wanted the imagery to focus on the fashion not the people wearing it as its the fashion that gives the labels of that particular stereotype.A stereotype that was purely created through a movement in time and a fashion craze.
'Don't judge a book by its cover read the inside first' Felt tips on paper produced in sketchbook. A3 2007
In this work I wanted the piece to play on the cliche of you can't tell whether a story is good by the front cover, you have to read and discover the mystery and whether its a good read. I have used this cliche to demonstrate the nature of how people go about there everyday life and how they are quick to judge and pass judgement before knowing the truth of the story that had led them to believe and follow that lifestyle.And not all people are like the stereotype they follow which is the misconception that society creates.
'Don't judge a book by its cover V.2 'Pen and Felt Tips on Paper  A4 2010
This piece is more of a poster style like the posters you see when a war is on and the country is short of army people. Like the days of world war two when people were signed up.I guess this one of them posters as its telling you how to think and what not to do which can come off quite intimating, which is what I wanted it to achieve as I gives power over the viewer, kinda like a victim fighting back and defending themselves.
'Don't judge a book V.3' Digital Print A4 2007
On this image I tried doing the same but it wasn't as successful as it takes the meaning away from the work and becomes more about the color used in the background that overpowers the foreground.
'Nightclub' Felt Tip on Paper square panel in sketchbook 2007
In this piece the figures are appearing soul less by the color of there faces being washed out and with dark eyes whilst there clothes are saying who they are and what they are.It shows an example of how we glimpse at people and in a split of a second think we know that person like the back of our hand.
Left of the photo 'Stereotype' acrylic paint on canvas size unknown 2007
Right of photo ' Fashion Stereotype' Mixed Media on canvas size unknown 2007
These works were my final pieces of year one studying by BA Hons Fine art degree which go to demonstrate the fashion dress associated with the text in 'Stereotype' which gives the judgement against 'Fashion Stereotype'. 'Fashion Stereotype' was influenced by Jim Dine.
'Deconstruct Reconstruct' Acrylic on canvas size unknown 2007
These works were also part of my first year exhibition show at Staffordshire University. These works go  to deconstruct the stereotypes through abstraction and mixing the stereotypes up which in turn breaks the rules but at the same time you got paintings of clothes reconstructing the clothes like a recurring nightmare that doesn't fade it just repeats as society continues to judge by the surface not what's underneath.