Serengeti Paper Co. 
The assignment for this group project was to create a paper sample book for a fictional Paper company featuring wordplay in the concept, at least nine different varieties (color or texture) of paper, and formatted so that the consumer could remove samples of the paper from the book for the purpose of test printing. 
We decided to name our company Serengeti Paper Co. because we wanted to use GMUND paper's Alézan line of textured papers. The paper itself has a soft, leathery feel that we thought would work well with the theme of African animals. In order to allow the user to feel the paper, we hand-cut a profile of each animal into the page. The paper sits between the pages and can either be felt or removed completely for printing without causing any damage to the book as a whole. 
Since the exaggerated style of the illustrations and the "texture preview" element of our book were inspired by the children's book "Pat the Bunny," we decided that our wordplay should be childlike as well. We developed nine alliterative sentences that would describe both the animal and the quality of the paper, such as "Gus the Gazelle gives a graceful impression" and "Eliza the Elephant with ease evokes elegance."