Created for We Love Fine's Spider-Verse T-Shirt Contest, I used the image of the iconic 2014 Oscar Selfie image, to create a group shot of Marvel's various "Spider-Verse" characters together. In order to get the blocking down, I placed the image in Autdesk Sketchbook, and using my Wacom Intuos Pro, drew a rough blocking of the Spider Characters where each actor stood in the original photo. 
The resulting digital sketch helped me get the proper blocking, but it was not quite tight enough for me to ink, so I printed out the sketch, and placed it on a lightbox, to tighten the pencils on an 11x14 sheet of Bristol Board.
My first time drawing on a lightboard. A fun experience. 
The final pencils.
After inking, primarily with Pitt Brush Pens and various fine point markers, it was time to scan it into Photoshop CC for coloring.
The final, digitally colored piece. Ultimately, Marvel made the decision not to include the design in the We Love Fine contest, as they felt the whimsical nature of the piece wasn't in line with the tone of the Spider-Verse storyline. I understand and respect their decision, and appreicated the time they took to review my work. I learned a lot putting this illustration together, and I'm looking forward to using what I've learned in future projects.