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    A few of the designs I created during my summer at Cooleaf.
This summer (2015), I interned at Cooleaf, a startup located at Atlanta Tech Village. I did a variety of projects, ranging from social media, to Android/iOS/web UI/UX redesigns. These are a few of those designs.
A sticker that I created for Cooleaf.
A redesign of Cooleaf's newsletter, the Leaflet.
An initial redesign of Cooleaf's website. Includes dummy text
This is the round 2 Android mobile design. It shows new features and a new style of the app. It has a descriptions explaining the new flows. The large, black arrows takes you through the flows.
This is a redesign of their iOS app. While it is technically a redesign, there were so many new features and stylistical differences that it was almost like creating a new app from scratch. These new features include groups, independent posts, comments, etc. The large, black arrows guide you through the different flows. The text and icons are placeholders.