From the summer of 2014 to the summer of 2015, I interned for Spectracom Group (SPG). I did all sorts of design projects, including this web redesign. SPG focuses on ecommerce (focusing on healthcare, but also spread out to other markets).
Note: Almost all of the text is dummy text and many of the images are stock photos. 
This is a redesign of their homepage. Here, you can navigate to specific categories of items that you want to purchase, see featured deals, featured partners, a few case studies, and etc.
These next few screens are category pages, a product page. The category pages are used as filters to specify what kind of product you are looking for. Once you navigate to the product, you will be able to 'add to cart' and view the details. The brand page allows users to shop by the brand name.
This is the solutions page. You will be able to find more specific details on how SPG delivers their solutions to the customer.
On this about page, users will be able to find information about SPG's history, their ideals, and get in contact with the team.
These next two screens show the main blog page and the article page (for when you click on an article you wish to read).
These last few screens are the checkout flow after you are done shopping.