UniversesThe simple fact of becoming a part of a course with 67 people from 27 different countries became my interest from the first moment at CSM. I have rare chance in life for such communication and exchange. I saw all of us, just as many single universes standing one next to another, as a group of birds on a wire, in a very remarkable way. Moving on in perfect parallel, we have this common interest school but at the same time, the diversity of our backgrounds makes us so contrastive. I wanted to explore how we think, behave, how do we communicate in this new environment. My curiosity is concentrated on the single personality, and on the relationship between us, as well. Getting to know each other better through 1:1 communication or interview was my chosen method. Meeting every single person of my own course for an hour chat, taking photographs of them, is essential for me. This is what makes my process of work engaging and stimulating.