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    We are a registered SEO company (Sydney Search Results, ABN 50 136 524 680) providing business owners like you a service which is designed to hel… Read More
    We are a registered SEO company (Sydney Search Results, ABN 50 136 524 680) providing business owners like you a service which is designed to help you dominate Google’s search results. We have been in business since 2003. We have large corporate clients and small business owners alike using our services. If you use our services you will always deal directly with me, the business owner, and not an account manager who knows little about your job or even SEO (as you will get with other companies). I will always return your calls swiftly and answer emails even outside business hours. If you use Sydney Search Results you will get modern, state of the art SEO for your business and old fashioned customer service directly from me, the business owner: David Cannell. Google me to find out more and do a due diligence background check. Know who you are doing business with. Read Less
Sydney Search Results - on of the leading SEO Sydney companies located in Maroubra Sydney.
Some of the SEO services we provide:
Search Engine Optimisation Strategy To Improve Your Website’s Rankings
In order to promote your website across major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) through Organic SEO, Sydney Search Results Pty Ltd has put together a list of activities that make up our SEO Strategy.
1)      Research and analysis of markets
2)      Website optimisation of existing website & new landing pages
3)      Off- page promotion to build authority and trust
1) Research and Analysis of Market
Extensive research and analysis for selected highly targeted traffic keywords
1)      Detailed analysis of the client market niche (if needed)
2)      Detailed study of competitor websites (if needed)
3)      Keyword selection – to be finalised
2) Website Optimisation of Main Pages & Creation Of Landing Pages
Internal page optimisation includes ensuring that the following features listed allow the search engines to identify what a page is related to (relevancy) and thereby enable a page to rank well in the search engines. This is done by placing strategic keywords into the following areas of the website in a natural user friendly way so as to ensure no over-optimisation (keyword stuffing) is taking place:
1)      HTML Title Tags Optimisation
2)      HTML Meta Description Tags Optimisation
3)      HTML Meta Keyword Tags Optimisation
4)      Content optimisation of written text on page
5)      Internal HTML Navigation Structure and Site Silo Architecture Optimisation
6)      ALT Tags For Images Optimisation
7)      HTML Internal Linking With Anchor Text Optimisation
8)      URL Optimisation for Keywords
3) Promotion: Off-Website Optimisation and Promotion (aka Citation, Link Building, & Social Signals)
The optimisation off page is at least as important as what is optimised on site and builds trust and authority into a website. This relates to how the website is linked to and seen by other websites on the internet. This allows the search engines to determine what websites are an authority on the internet in their given business niche.
This is sometimes referred to as link popularity and is a major factor of importance within the search engine ranking algorithms.
The off-site optimisation and promotion includes but is not limited to:
1)      Link Building to high quality PR websites both .com and .com.au
2)      Creation of Social Signals
3)      Citations
With link building it is important to create back links from high authority 3rd party websites in related relevant fields using the correct ratios of linking text which are highly targeted to the keywords identified in the keyword research and analysis phase but not over-optimised causing a penalty. NOTE: All our link building is from high quality third party websites indexed in Google and carrying Google Authority (Called Google PR), Trust Flow & Domain Authority. This is extremely important and is why many website owners have had problems in recent years dealing with SEO companies building low quality back links and citations.
Our off-site link building includes:
1)      Creating links from authoritative websites with High Google Page Rank (PR) on websites related to the client’s business niche. These are One Way Backlinks only and not part of a link exchange program which Google now discounts and which is still used by most SEO companies.
2)      Creating backlinks from high value Web2.0 Social Media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. to create Social Signals into the website.
3)      Creating citations from local search directories which are becoming an important part of search engine algorithms.
This link building campaign will typically consist of creating many tailored backlinks per month. These link building promotion practices are fully within Google’s Terms Of Service & Guidelines.
Please note many of our competitors use low quality link building such as  free third party blog comments, forum comments, free blogging platforms etc all of which can damage your website.