The first stab at this alternate steam powered hot rod was intended to be candy-apple red. But because the primary target was the Creative Pot Facebook page, I decided to to a color comp first, as saturated reds are compressed heavily on Facebook and the artifacting is bad. After the comp below, I decided to mentally visualize the final in a more neutral bare steel.
I wanted to push the proportions more from the first red version, making the steam-powerplant look heavy and massive compared to the car, implying a locomotive. Visibility around the power bulge was negligible to the point where I decided that the driver would use VR goggles instead of a window in the final design.
In the image sequence below, I had rebalanced the mass to a less front-heavy, more front-mid-engined weighting with lower slung chassis. Taking the marker sketch all the way through into digital value/color comping and final image.
Final image, defensive hardware installed. I will usually do a contrast, hue, overall impact adjustment after completing the drawing. The metal body, I thought, was overall too bluish, so I warmed up the scene lighting and main brushed steel surfaces. You'll notice it took a while to arrive at a wheel design after a few temporary cut and paste jobs in process. I didn't want to use photo-scrap for the final image, so I designed my own wheels at the end, somewhat inspired by the ducted fan type seen on Porsche 936, Audi IMSA GTO, etc.