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    Creative Juice \ Sil Launch in Malaysia
Chicken Killings
Creative Juice\Sil - Agency Branding
Creative Juice just bought over creative hot house Sil Advertising in Malaysia and wanted to introduce their new philosophy - Be Brave. So we created a mantra that urges our clients to take a more daring approach to idea generation and marketing philosophy. To show that we meant business, we created a ragged sock toy of a dead chicken and berated it with our philosophy but also relating the dare that its okay to be chicken sometimes (as we humans share 50% the same DNA as a chicken), and therefore the agency is here to help.

The examples below are a print announcement of the new agency as well as "body bag" direct to existing clienteles as well to new ones. The response of it was shocking, yet refreshing as many new and unsuspecting clients poured in that led to greater work and attitude in strategic thinking ideas later on.

On the Creative Juice/Sil closed launch event, we parodied the classic Apple commercial, but instead of saluting the "crazy ones", we salute the brave.