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    Self-promotion concept developed for Creature as a commentary about the power of a good idea in a challenging economy.
The Mattress Wallet
Part social commentary and part fashion piece, the MattressWallet is a high-quality, fully functioning wallet.
Designed in response to the current state of the global economy, it’s a personal statement for anyone who wants to express their frustrationwith the banking system, or their frustration with the endless doom and gloomspewed out by major media.
Both packing and product are lavishly and playfullydetailed. The package tells the complete financial story of the wallet with funphrases and graphics based on both American tax form graphics and classicbanker’s smarmy sales language. The sleeve is even built out of the same manilacardboard the IRS mails audit forms. The product it’s self is made from truehigh-grade mattress stitching and fabrics for longevity and style. And insidethe wallet are business-card-sized financial tips with the skewed logic ofsaving your money inside a portable mattress. Of course the graphic and verbalstory integrate nicely online.
The Mattress Wallet has been a hit, selling out our firstbatch in just months and appearing on design and entertainment blogs as well asTV daily shows and holiday must have lists. Rumor has it Susan Sarandon sports one. Keep an eye out for us. She won’t return our calls. 

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