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Third-party direct marketing acquisition email targeting job-seeking professionals
As lead copywriter at TheLadders from 2011 to 2012, I focused on acquisition and conversion copywriting for marketing and served as UX copywriter for multiple scrum teams in an agile development environment.
Definitely one of the highlights of my career, my work here challenged me to think in new ways and push my creative boundaries. The best part about being part of the UX team was learning that I wasn't the only one who thought about building relationships with customers based on their emotional as well as functional needs. I got to volley between B2B, the recruiter side of the business, and B2C for the job seekers. It really showed me on how these roles are just two parts of the same story, strengthened by one another in profound and important ways. I later went on to repeat this lesson with my work for IBM, but I digress...
The recruiter/job-seeker connection became especially clear while running the social media channels. Conversations were sparked and people were connecting beyond the platform itself to create a rich and vibrant community. It's among my proudest achievements that I helped spark those connections and increased the company's Twitter following by 560% in just under a year. I couldn't have done it without seeing the big picture, from all the angles, and doing my best to tell it in the most compelling manner over every medium and at every moment of their journey.
B2B guest site for recruiter experience
Okay, I need to interject a bit here because this is where things get especially interesting. It's not often you get a chance to talk about a series of A/B tests that really helped increase conversion and improving SQLs for the sales team.

The thing I liked best about how we set up this landing page for recruiters was moving beyond the clever names of each plan by framing each one based on who it's for and how they'd use it. According to our sales team, this treatment was a big win in guiding the conversations when prospects called. However, perhaps it worked too well, as that number at the top was being treated as the main CTA.

We needed to optimize for less calls and more clicks right into the funnel, getting them a bit further into that "qualified lead" journey through our sign-up funnel to save our sales team some time. Not only did it get more people to click through the funnel, it also led to more engagement through search, more prospect self-education, and greater clarity for decision making.

To save you the trouble of the back-and-forth Highlights-style comparison, here were the main changes for this big win:
1. Took out the second quick "post a job" action as it was causing multiple-option paralysis and felt like a lot of work at first glance
2. Added an arrow to make the expanded details drawer clearer below plans
3. We took out the "Recruiter Hotline" in the header
As part of a fantastic and talented UX team, I learned a lot not only through user testing but also by looking at what messaging resonated most through social and marketing creative. ​​​​​​​
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UX Copywriting, Marketing Copy B2B & B2C: Ladders


UX Copywriting, Marketing Copy B2B & B2C: Ladders

As lead copywriter, I create the content for both the consumer (B2C) and enterprise (B2B) user experiences on TheLadders. In addition to product Read More