"Performance Architecture" competition entry 
To celebrate Guimarães as the European Capital of Culture for 2012, this competition was launched. It invites a critical look at what constitutes architecture, both in its practice and essence.

The way we see it architecture is always temporary, with its perpetual sense framed by the length of our lives. This ephemeral nature, along with the unveiling of space editing as the core activity of the profession, guided this project. As architecture becomes perennial, it assumes a dynamic character, a mutating role in which we inscribe in the idea of Performance.

Our project suggest a modular system of 5 slats of mirrored material that can be combined to reveal/hide diverse areas of Guimarães. It changes its shape according to its location and is to be moved between different points of the city on a regular basis.

Due to its mobile and modular nature, Panoptic can be used to intervene in several different ways. The examples above, from Guimarães can illustrate the three main expressive approaches one can use when setting up Panoptic.
As the night falls, the highly reflective tape on the panels´ edges comes to life. The reflectiveness becomes less relevant and the geometric, planar nature of the piece emerges.

Also, you are less likely to run into it. Pretty important, we think.