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Deux Epées.
Soleil prod.
Script and line art by Kenny Ruiz & Mazi, color art by me. 2008. 
Un Pueblo, Una Nación, comic book by my pal Christian S at the pencils and me at the colors, with story advise from the best seller writer Arturo-Pérez Reverte. 
And these are my two favorite illustrations we both made when we worked at Levalo Studio.
Color script made for Kanzaman Productions.
The story boarder was Christian S.
And the film was never produced.
Maybe 2007...
A sci-fi project never published either.
Script by Christian S, layout by David Hueso and color by me.
Around 2006.
Diez Dedos
Collective comic book. Editorial Dibbuks. 2005.
Francisco el Solitario
An old and unpublished project that I loved.
Line art by Christian S, we wrote the script together and I did the color art. 
Cómo encontrar el Santo Grial
(Edición para incompetentes)
A few amateurs trying to make a video game during their early University years.
Of course, we never finished it. I was the background's butcher.
2003 or 4 or so....
Recerca Editorial. 
Script by Ignacio de Ramón, line art by Christian S, color art by me. Our first published work. Sorry. We were young and studying in university. 2004?