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A silouette animation
Target audience has not been identified, but is safe to watch for any age.
Plot points
1. Animation starts with a lit candle in darkness.
2. Sudden shadow crosses screen, disturbing candle flame.
3. Multiple shadows chase after, extinguishing flame.
4. Screen goes dark.
5. Screen is divided horizontally. Top half shows a lone character (main character), bottom half shows the chasing group.
6. A lone character is running on top of buildings on the upper half of the screen. Lower half is following the chasing group that are on ground level. (The lower group is zoomed in as the lone character is zoomed out from their halves.)
7. The lone character jumps past gaps between buildings as the group runs past them to catch up
8. The lone character reaches a building with an awning and slides down it (screen singles in on the main character)
9. The main character dusts himself off
10. A door opens on to the side, showing the group to continue chasing the main character
11. Before the group moves, the main character drops the awning on them
12. The main character runs away (camera splits again vertically)
13. The group cut through the cloth and continue chasing
14. The main character reaches a tower and starts to climb up from its open windows
15. The group reaches the same building and go into it, climbing the stairs inside
16. The main character reaches the top of the tower before the group
17. group reaches the top and find the main character on the edge of the tower on the opposite side of them
18. The main character takes off scarf he was wearing the entire animation and falls off tower
19. From the side of the tower, looking up, the heads of the chasing group peek from the edge.
20. perspective changes to that of the group over the edge, watching the scarf slowly fall to darkness
21. the group leaves from the top of the tower (camera facing the tower from afar)
22. facing the side of the tower, an arm reaches out from one of the tower windows and grabs the falling scarf
23. screen changes to view the main character sitting on the window sill and looking out (credits)
Discuss, Discover, Design and Develop

Discuss, Discover, Design and Develop

Discuss, Discover, Design and Develop

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