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PANTONIA cloth hanger
Every color is а vibration, just like а sounds in а music. Colors differ from each other in their frequency, just like the notes in a piano. When I creating each hanger, I play with color as a musician plays a melody on some musical instrument. I convey my emotion by combining color shades, bringing my mood to the item, playing my jazz.
designer Yurii Cegla                                   
In the original version, I strive to collect most of interesting wood textures from around the world. After all, each wood has its own history. Growing during long time, whether in America, Africa, Canada or Ukraine, this wood has accumulated energy from what were surrounds them. And it's very exciting to feel them in collection - Pantonia Premium hanger.
The hanger Pantonia produce  with different kind of woods and technologies. It is makes an opportunity for different customers to satisfy their needs. One of feature of hanger is the width. You can order any width as you need with the step in 25mm/ 1" . 

The Hanger Pantonia Premium made of different kinds of woods with their natural colos and textures.  Maple, wenge, chestnut, amazacoue, purple, doussi, etimoe and elm. This is product will get special emphasis and emotion in your office or living room for your guests!

Other  solution is more chipper version the Hanger Pantonia Myltytone.
I use maple and alder with colored oil coating.
I mix them or sometimes I use one kind of wood for produce hanger Pantonia Silent ( it is one kind of wood with transperent oil coating).

Pantonia Hanger Sizes
Hanger Pantoinia Silent :  made of mixed alder  with oil coating. Made in Ukraine  
And bestseller  of hangers is the Pantonia Multytone, with different  painted pieces 
Painted alder Pantonia Multytone April 2019
Pantonia Vacuum  (Alder painted by black)
September 2019 we took a part at Paris Design Week`19           

The workshop located in Kiev, Ukraine. And orders we send by Ukrainan National Post by Air from Ukraine.

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The Order status  

shipped 02.05.2020   order #141 Ronnie | Tokyo
shipped 03.10.2020   order #144 Ivan | Italy
shipped 08.25.2020   order #149 Rick | The Netherlands
shipped 11.03.2020   order #153 Nils | Deutschland
shipped 11.03.2020   order #158 Moritz | Deutschland
now in production order #161 Antonina | Germany

Special offert for privat craftsmans who love to make all goods for own home by themselves: 
For 50 USD  we will give you all nessecary drawings, information and licence for 1 piece production with our support and advises. 
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In this time we have sold hangers to customers from  Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Latvia, Italy, USA,  Malasia, Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Ireland, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Israel

The map of sales of Pantonia Hanger to Europe during last year (uploded May2019) 

latest feedback from customer: Pantonia Multytone in contemporary interior

Some response photos from our clients
More than 10 years I`ve been working with different technologies for create special things which bring emotion. 
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