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Art & Functionality: any width hanger  - Pantonia

Every color is а vibration, just like sounds in а music. Colors differ from each other in their frequency, just like the notes in a piano. When I creating each hanger, I play with color as a musician plays a melody with musical instrument. I convey my emotion by combining color shades, bringing my mood to the item, playing my jazz.
designer & producer Yurii Cegla  

First of all I tied to find better solution of classic wall hangers. When it is not a season it is not good to see empty hooks on the wall.Sometimes the hanger is needed for guests, which would perform its function only at special moments, and in normal times it was only a decorative pano on the wall. 

Also, I wanted to acquaint people with the beauty of wood that exists in the world -  wood is beautiful not only outside, but also inside. As usual I trying to use leftovers and cuttings from the main furniture production for save and rationalize use all of wood materials. And it is much more difficult than making elements from a solid board, that's why the hanger is so expensive.

I strive to collect most of interesting wood textures from around the world. Each wood has its own history. Growed during long time, whether in America, Africa, India or Europe, those woods accumulated an energy from around the world. And it's very exciting to feel them in collection - Pantonia Premium hanger.
The hanger Pantonia produce  with different kind of woods and technologies. It is makes an opportunity for different customers to satisfy their needs. One of feature of hanger is the width. You can order any width as you need with the step 25mm / 1inch . 

The Hanger Pantonia Premium made of different kinds of woods with their natural colos and textures.  Maple, wenge, chestnut, amazacoue, purple, doussi, etimoe, elm so on. This is product will get special emphasis and emotion in an office or living room for your guests!

Other  solution is quite chipper version the Hanger Pantonia Myltytone.
I use Ukrainian Alder with colored oil coating. Sometimes I use one kind of wood for produce the hanger Pantonia Silent - one kind of wood with transperent oil coating.

Painted alder Pantonia Multytone April 2019
Pantonia Vacuum  (Alder painted by black)
September 2019 we took a part at Paris Design Week`19           



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