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FC Wurzburg (Identity Design)
FC Wurzburg
Corporate Identity, Package, and Kit Design
FC Wurzburg is a fictitious football team based in Germany. The concept was to try to make an identity based off a culture, and design style that is completely foreign to me. The logo was designed to resemble the Bavarian Mountains with a contemporary abstract assembly of triangles, that form the mountain range while integrating a cool color pallet of greens, and blues. The Wurzburg tagline is "United we are 11", this grants a form of unity and harmony amongst the players for Wurzburg, and fans. This way, the viewer can place themselves within the players "boots", and become apart of the team. "We are all Wurzburg".

The complete style of Wurzburg was outside my comfort zone, this was one of the challenges of unifying the project. The re-design of the Bundesliga logo was also taken into consideration by using the colors of the German flag, and making a abstract shape of a football. As a result of the new logo design, the newly created German league is called the Ersten Liga. Nike and Zelle(a logo also designed for the identity project) are the sponsors and makers for the Wurzburg kits.
FC Wurzburg (Identity Design)