Archaeological illustration - reconstructions

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  • Reconstruction of neolithic villages and the possible inter visibility with each other. Showing structures and activities of which the excavation found evidence. To be published in monograph outlining the archaeological findings.
  • Artist impression of Kilkea motte and bailey and church set in landscape of Kildare.
    Produced for poster presentation by Athy Historical society
  • Zoomorphic decoration on goblet, artist impression of a medieval goblet.
  • Artist impression of Neolithic farmers, image created for conference presentation
  • Reconstruction of roasting pit found during excavation. Pit showing cutaway to illustrate the different levels - topsoil, vegetation, wrapping, meat (pig) and vegetables, sand layer, coal and heated stones.
    Drawn for inclusion in report and subsequent publication
  • Scgraffito dish, form 3D generated in Illustrator CS3, Extent of pottery remains added in Photoshop CS3
  • Photo of flint micro arrowhead with haft added in Photoshop
  • Shield with the Moloney crest, created in Photoshop CS3
  • Artist impression of medieval leather shoe