Anchovi Graphic Design
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Hi there! I’m Anthony Chute, but you can go ahead and call me Anchovi. I graduated with a third year National Diploma in the field of the Graphic Design at CPUT in 2011. But who care, right? Let’s face facts, it doesn’t matter how many fancy ass degrees you have, if you can’t do the job, you’re not good enough. The difference is, I pride myself in being the absolute best. I pour my heart and soul into every aspect of my life and it shows throughout my design and creative thinking. I view any task, within all the different aspects in the design field(s) to be a challenge, both motivating and adventurous. My main focus is brand development, through corporate identification, package design as well as major marketing campaigns. I also have a great love for developing large conceptual art/design campaigns, whether it is for a NGO, or a end of year design exhibition. The bigger the task, the greater I deliver. My nutcase ginger haired head is filled with crazy and innovative new ideas, waiting to be incorporated in some fresh manner. But enough about me, a great man told me once “don’t tell me, show me” so go ahead and see for yourself.
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