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Typatone • Screen Capture. 2015.
The act of writing has always been an art. Now, it can also be an act of music. Each letter you type corresponds to a specific musical note putting a new spin on your composition. Personalize your writing by choosing between six unique moods. Each mood changes speed, filter and color to each letter’s musical note. Easily import text written in other writing applications with a copy and paste interface. When you’ve finished writing, share it and download an audio version with a click of a button! Whether it’s a message, essay, story, or poem explore a new way of writing. Make music while you write.
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Typatone • What Will You Write Today? 27" x 40". 2015.
Typatone • Adaptive Layout for any browser, device, operative system size. 2015.
Typatone • Android Logo. 2015.
Typatone • Chronologic Aberrations. 2015.
Typatone features six distinct filters that change over the course of the day giving your composition a unique tone every time you write. Easily import other texts in with the Copy & Paste feature. Once you've gotten something that you like you can share and even download your composition as a .wav file. Making a ringtone out of your message is a snap! All instances of Typatone are a quantized to a global clock, so open up as many tabs to create a 4 track, 8 track, or even 12 track to create some seriously high fidelity songs.
An introduction to Typatone at Gray Area's inaugural Art & Technology Festival.
Along with the desire to be original Typatone relies on the foundation of a lot of amazing existing art. I try to express this and contextualize the project in talk for Gray Area's inaugural festival (above). Of the many art projects that inspired Typatone one such project caught our eye: Typatune, a typewriter by Alex Rose that generates sound instead of letters, now almost 100 years old!
The decision of which note applies to which letter is carefully assigned by Lullatone. The most frequent occuring letters in the English language are applied to melodic notes, less frequent bass tones, and least frequent accent notes. Based on cryptography analysis at Cornell University.
Typatone • 56 Week Commit History. 2015.
Typatone • Design Iterations. 2015.
During the year long development process we went through a few iterations and added / subtracted features. Hopefully you find the featureset to be supple yet restrained.


The act of writing has always been an art. Now, it can also be an act of music! Each letter you type corresponds to a specific musical note putti Read More