NFM National Forum of Music opening ceremony -
[music_is] interactive installation + multimedia show
Wroclove, Poland
[music_is] interactive installation + multimedia show

Martyna Majewska - script and direction
Anna Haudek - concept and design of the installation
Marcin Cichy - music and sound
Pola Borkiewicz - interaction design, creative production, artistic consultations
Tomasz Gawroński - animation, 3D, mapping, art and technical consultations, video coverage
Patryk Zimończyk - animation, motion graphics, 2D, mapping montage, compositing, video coverage and montage
Jakub Lech - animation, mapping video, motion capture, teaser
Jakub Hader - animation, mapping video, motion capture
Wiesław Bartkowski - interaction design , complex systems research
Szymon Pepliński - interaction design, creative technology
Łukasz Zimny - steel construction
Ilona Gumowska - dance performance, choreography
Karolina Majewska - violin solo
Radek Bednarz - audiosfera composition
Arkadiusz Kątny - audiosfera composition
Tomasz Kędzierski - audiosfera composition
Dawid Majewski - audiosfera composition
Tadeusz Szmigiel - audiosfera composition
Pola Błasik - vocalization and narration
Alicja Kalinowska - vocalization and narration
Anja Sejdak - vocalization and narration
Justyna Woźniak – vocalization and narration
Adrian Kąca – vocalization and narration
Maciej Maciejewski – vocalization and narration
Dawid Majewski – vocalization arrangement
Ewa Gądek – vocal preparations 
National Forum of Music Boys Choir 
Małgorzata Podzielny – choir preparations 
Tomasz Chudyk – choir accompaniment
animation screens
photography by Tving Stage Design
National Forum of Music