Interactive Training Modules: Harvey Window
Teaching guys how to do stuff around a warehouse!
This was one of the coolest and most intense projects I worked on at PixelMEDIA, Inc. Multiple (I lost count of how many... at least 5) training modules all done in flash, built to walk new employees (and certify old employees) on different warehouse / contractor jobs. From how to run the cash register, to installing windows in homes and driving a fork lift, we covered everything.

Each employee would have to sit through each of these modules and complete interactive games, then at the end, take a test, pass (or fail) and become certified in that job.

It was a great time, and Harvey Windows really let us run wild with it. I created "Harvey" the character that walks you through each module. I worked out storyboards and help develop the scripts for each module, making sure the training had a smooth story to walk through, and I put together the modules in flash. The only thing I didn't do was the quiz... I don't do that back end coding stuff :-)

This is one of the two projects I won a
MITX award for, while at PixelMEDIA, Inc.
Character Creation of Harvey
Storyboards help figure out all the sections, games, and illustrations we need for the module.
Section overview... Harvey tells you what you're going to be learning.
Forklift training... I'm pretty sure that's a "how not to lift" illustration
Screenshot of the basics of Double Hung Windows...
More screenshots... we really did a lot of stuff.
Wrap up screen... looks like you've passed all the tests, time to take the final test!!!