MediaWorks 2014/2015
MediaWorks is an IT and media company based in Belgrade which specialises in digital publishing. Its main focus is on developing automated design of digital publications. During my employment there I had an opportunity to closely and constantly collaborate with  PHP, Backend, iOS and Android developers, and Key account managers as well.

My main responsibilities while working at the company were:

• Graphic design:
- Designing promotional material for both print and web: flyers, posters, roll up banners, T-shirts, infographics, illustrations, business cards, etc.
- Redefining company's visual identity (designing the logo, choosing corporate colors)
Digital Innovators Summit, Berlin
iPad presentation
• Web design:
- Complete design and maintenance of the company's website (HTML & CSS, Git)
- Designing web shops, testing their usability and customizing them according to clients' needs
- Designing icons, buttons, wireframes, etc.
•UI/ UE design:
Front End:
• Android:
- Designing interface applications and testing their usability
- Designing icons, splash screens and banners
- Researching the effects of screen size change
• iOS:
- Designing Interface applications for iPad
- Storefront design (three layout options and two colors)
- Designing log in screens and help sections
- Designing icons, splash screens and banners
- Adapting design to iPhone
MediaWorks product:
- Designing admin panel and testing its usability
- Designing icons, buttons, banners, etc.
- Designing user interface for Replica editions
- Testing user interface for Replica editions
- Designing user interface for creation of templates and graphics for Reflow editions
- Creating templates, graphics and the basic template package for Reflow editions for each client
-Testing all templates on all devices
- Complete graphic and template design for MediaWorks Insight app
- Drawing murals and decorating walls in the office
- Drawing mini-comics on the whiteboard in order to create vibrant and positive work environment
MediaWorks 2014/2015

MediaWorks 2014/2015