2011 Gallery Exhibition Wrap Up
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    Various 2011 Gallery Work by Isaac Bidwell
"Handle With Care"
I must admit, 2011 was pretty good to me. This was the year I decided to push my career
forward, regardless of any setbacks. Once I got the call this past April for a show out in California, I knew it was on. After doing some hustling and dropping some emails, I was able to do roughly one show a month until the years' end. I've been able to get some great exposer, have my work alongside some insanely talented people, and even made a little of that green stuff...
So, I bring to you a sample of some of my gallery work from 2011...
Galleries include, Gallery 1988, Spoke Art, 111 Minna, Thumbprint Gallery, AXD, Project 1
I'd also like to send a thanks out to SB Contemporary Art, Syracuse Tech Garden, and Eve Galleria...I'll post work from those galleries at a later time....