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    A rebranding project for class
FLAX ART Rebrand
Class Project
FLAX is a San Francisco’s well-known retail art supply store that has been serving the Bay Area since 1938. With 20,000 square feet of art supplies, and selling about 35,000 items ranging from papers, stationery, pens, brushes, frames, albums, journals, etc, It is truly a candy store for the creative, a veritable treasure-trove of arts and crafts materials and products.

FLAX is a family-owned company headed by CEO Howard Flax, who represents the 3rd generation of the family. It has a long history supporting artists and the Bay Area arts community. FLAX has become an inseparable part of San Francisco’s art scene, an icon of creative inspiration.

Existing identity
What represents “art” in the existing FLAX logo is what it lacks.With that in mind, the goal is to incorporate any symbol that represents “art” in the new identity to create a connection between the company name and its purpose. The pencil symbol is chosen as it is one of the most recognizable art symbol. It also differentiates FLAX from its competitor such as BLICK or ULTRECH, who both use the color palette as their identities

Through out type studies, the counter part of the uppercase “A” could be utilized to incorporate the pencil symbol seamlessly into the company’s name. At the same time,the negative space created by the letter itself is is also utilized to make the symbol stand out more, but not so much that it’s competing with the type. It creates a wow-factor for the logo to make it more memorable for the customers. It simplifies the logo since there’s no attaching symbol as the competitors, yet shows off its sophistication.
The solid color choice is to tighten the relationship of FLAX and San Francisco and also to illustrate the bold, long-lasting history of the company in the Bay Area

Redesigned identity
Stationery system
External Applications
Marketing Merchandise