BabyCenter integrated advertising campaigns.
Johnson's wanted to continue to establish themselves as the baby skincare experts. So we created an interactive tool for parents to use to find out which products are best based on their babys' skin types and needs. 
After selecting the appropriate dropdowns, a personalized report is generated.
Stride Rite Baby Banner Ad -- Frame 1 (Baby walks across screen.)
Stride Rite Baby Banner Ad -- Frame 2
Stride Rite Baby Banner Ad -- Frame 3
Stride Rite Baby Banner Ad -- Frame 4
Cheerios banner leading to interactive mini-site about finger foods.
Cheerios mini-site -- Starting Finger Foods

From here, parents had many choices, including answering some simple questions to get personalized advice about finger foods for their child.
Cheerios mini-site -- Personalized Finger Food Guide
Cheerios mini-site -- Finger Food Safety Chart
Cheerios mini-site -- Ways to Boost Fine Motor Skills
Cheerios mini-site -- Sweepstakes and Coupons
BabyCenter Print Ad
BabyCenter Store Print Ad
Cord Blood Registry banner leading to mini-site.
Cord Blood Registry mini-site -- Introduction
Cord Blood Registry mini-site -- Why Bank My Baby's Cord Blood?
Cord Blood Registry mini-site -- About CBR
Cord Blood Registry mini-site -- FAQs