Microwave for Blind People
It is a microwave with a format more consistent with the role it plays, which is to heat the food moving in a circulatory to heat evenly, without the waste of interior space that exists in the microwave current. The product has a simple commandinterface - has two keys: positive and negative - for the time (in minutes) of heating food, and a button to turn it serves as well 30 / 2, with each execution of button hasa different sound response to the user that needs not be lost in programming time.One proposed solution was an implementation of a VGA camera at the top of themicrowave to the user to shoot the code QR CODE of the food package and the device calculates the time needed to heat generated by the supplier of the goodspacked in its own thus creating convenience and comfort

For this project I used the Etnography for to start and with this I got to identify the main problems that this users had in the kitchen. Through prototypes I reached this result.
Tools for development : Etnography, Customer Journey, Mind Map, Prototype,