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    An order from Generalitat de Catalunya, ESDAP, ESMUC and INSTITUT DEL TEATRE, to prepare a propousal for a co-participate stand.
ESDAP stand 
Generalitat de Catalunya (Ensenyament)
The Catalonian goverment and three diferents schools of arts (Music, Theatre & Design), ask us for a unique design, to make and show the new kind of superior studies. We decided to show the new bases following the materials concepts. Using a central easy box like a lighthouse signal (to be a refferent), and make an easy look with light colors (according the relation between school and color), this colours will make the icon, the music (orange), theatre (Blue) and design (green). this tower was made with unfinished pine strips, that means all has to be worked and polished.

Then we separated in 4 zones, the general counter, and the other 3 specialties. To be a common way, following the basics, was installed a corner wall with white cardboard boxes, with colored bottom panel, just like specialty is. This asimetric construction means the dynamic and possiblities that you can do.

The last link between all specialties was the sit, a sit according the "basic" concept and one of the most important refferences in creative & construction icon, Antoni Gaudí. We proposed to use the FlexibleLove sit, a cardboard extensible sit, forming a round sit forms (like Parc Güell in Barcelona).

that's our job.