Exile Skimboards - Paulo Prietto Pro Model
Paulo Prietto Pro Model 2012
In August 2011 i was approached by Paulo Prietto.
The three times world champion in skimboarding asked me to design the artwork for his 2012 pro model. As he is one of my rolemodels in the skimboarding sport, and a really nice guy i was super excited to do this. I started out an illustration on real size, (it was about 20 sheets of A4 paper to draw the feathers alone. Then i scanned in all the papers and stitched them together in photoshop to make a huge and super-detailed drawing. It took quite some time but when i was finally there the result was very satisfying. Me and Paulo sat down to discuss the final adjustments in color and i finished the artwork in time for his trip to taiwan. 
First sketches, it's starting to take shape, you can already see the head looking a lot like the final product...
Everything scanned in and put together in photoshop, ready to start coloring!
Final head
Body texture, soft and feather-y 
Tail detail
Top artwork + Paulo Insignia
Bottom artwork + Insignia on the lower end.
Video of Paulo in Taiwan, the board was finished just in time to take it with him on his trip!
Paulo on the beach, photographed by someone from Taiwan,
i don't know who took the photo or else i would've given credit.
Paulo in action with his new board! Photographed by someone from Taiwan,
i don't know who took the photo or else i would've given credit.
Video still of the youtube video posted above.
Filmed by Matt Adams.
I made a bunch of canvas prints out of the final artwork...
if you're interested in one, e-mail me: hello@richardderuijter.eu.

You can now buy these through REDBUBBLE! Click here: http://www.redbubble.com/people/rderuijter/works/8678136-peacock
I am very thankful for the opportunity of working with my childhood hero Paulo, and the continuing trust that exile puts into me. If you want to see their entire line up for 2012 you can check out the catalog here (check out the awesome photo's and big waves on pages 14-15!)
Thank you for watching!

I hope you liked it.
Please share and appreciate if you did! 

If i get 100 followers on my facebook page i will give away a canvas print.

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Exile Skimboards - Paulo Prietto Pro Model