Felidae (lat.) «cat family» is young music band from Moscow which plays "art-rock". Important attribute of each musician is a cat mask with individual design.
Main idea
​​​​​​​Felidae's songs tell us about personal emotional experience and problems of mutual understanding in modern society. They wanted to reveal these topics in more detail and that's why new album suppose to be a whole story like if you read the good book. The story with the main characters, enemies, places and actions. Something more theatrize and most personal then usual set of music tracks.
It's a social dystopia and kind of fairytale at the same time. The story takes place in the «Cardboard City», where people cannot kindle fire, where any deviation from the usual order is strictly prohibited. The city is ruled by terrifying monsters – the «Minotaurs», and all of the citizens are allegorically blind, deaf and mute. 
«It’s a story about the Spark that flashed in the gray city. Its appearance is dangerous for brittle, flammable paper walls, but so essential for city’s inhabitants. The Spark is a symbol of hope, love, faith, passion for something really true contrary to the gray days, conventions, selfishness and narrow-minded way of life».
All ten tracks of the new album are connected by the same plot and have a lot of meaningful references to such works as "Fahrenheit 451», «V for Vendetta», «We», «The Bull's Hour» and the others.
The main task of the artists was to visualize the songs 'from darkness to light'. Pictures gradually become more colorful and brighter, the characters' images are drawn more clearly and become abstract in the end.

Images in these illustrations are filled with allegories too. For example, 'bandaged faces' are how we prefer not to hear anything, not to see anything and do not say anything. It's also a fear of opening up to the world and being rejected. 'Minotaurs' are an image of bureaucratic machinery. The 'destroyed tower' is denial of violence and struggle. 'Chinese lantern' in Cardboard City is a symbol of hope and the 'blue butterfly' means 'peace'.
Music live show
On the 3rd of October 2015 Felidae band presented their new album "Spark" with a live-concert show.