On A Mission To Do More
Every week I am looking for one musician to share with my friends. It is such a pleasure to listen to these amazing individuals, while exploring new colours and techniques. It means the world to me to return a favour & possible connect with the musicians!

It happens I am blown away by a graphic designer/creative - I hope you don't mind!
Tourist LemC - Belgian Rapper from Antwerp, just like Bram himself. This creative has a lot of memories from going to High School!
Stromae - Ta Fête!
Ghostpoet - This creative has been on my "Creative Session" Spotify playlist for years! Survive it
The Weekend - I can't feel my face when I am with you! 
#AdobeMAX - Adobe is on Twitch! Watch me today live on the Adobe Channel with Michael Chaize
Miguel - Adorn (You gotta know, you know I adore you!
Slow Magic - Spacy tunes to help me create this colorful exploration!
Izzy Bizu - Give Me Love! Such a genuine singer with such a pure voice! Perfect for a lazy sunday in the park
Aaron Draplin - Field notes - Iconic Graphic designer, honest and super inspiring!
Drake - Hotline Bling


Project Made For


#OnTheWall Weekly illustration series by Bram Vanhaeren