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    Platinum Crown hotels & resorts is a hypothetical example of international luxury brand. Platinum Crown has designed in order to investigate and … Read More
    Platinum Crown hotels & resorts is a hypothetical example of international luxury brand. Platinum Crown has designed in order to investigate and explore the role of brand identity in the international luxury industries. Platinum Crown is targeted specifically business travellers. Read Less
Platinum Crown hotels & resorts is a hypothetical example of international luxury brand. Platinum Crown has designed in order to investigate and explore the role of brand identity in the international luxury industries. Platinum Crown is targeted specifically business travellers who look for a quiet and undistracted accommodation. The hotel will be providing large deluxe guest rooms and suites featuring luxury bedding, spacious work areas, high-speed internet, beautiful executive lounge, and outstanding spa and massage service.
Meanwhile, the hotel will be located in the heart of the capital cities of the world, so they will be very convenient for them to travel around the main areas inside cities. For example, a guest who arrives at the airport who is looking for a taxi to Platinum Crown Hotel surprisingly will find out that the hotel has actually already reserved a luxury car to pick him up from the airport to the hotel. By doing this, Platinum Crown will be able to attract and to maintain valuable customers who are more preferred to stay in a simple, quite, and luxurious place.  
“The right name captures the imagination and connects with the people you want to reach” Danny Altman, Founder & Creative Director, A Hundred Monkeys
The right name is timeless, tireless, and easy to say and remember; it stands for something and facilitates brand extensions. Its sound has a rhythm (Wheeler, 2013). While a name is transmitted day in and day out, such as conversations, emails, voicemails, websites, on the products and on business cards, the weak name for any brand can hinder marketing efforts through miscommunications or because people cannot remember it. Naming requires a creative strategic approach.
Reading the types of names and the qualities of an effective name helped to find very deep and profound impact in how to choose a unique name. Hence, the first step in naming process was conducting brainstorming to extract a large number of meaningful and distinctive keywords from the “Luxury” word. Subsequently, the main keywords were deducted in order to express the exact meaning of luxury. One of the types of brand names called descriptive names, these names convey the nature of business. It clearly communicates the intent of the company. The conducting keywords such as uniqueness, rare, expensiveness, desire, distinguished, cache, lavish and majestic led to choose “Platinum Crown” as a new international luxury hotel name. Platinum Crown has a combination of descriptive and metaphor types.  
A tagline is a slogan, clarifier, mantra, company statement, or guiding principle that describes, synopsize, or helps create an interest (Traverso, 2001). Tagline is a short phrase that captures a brand essence, personality, and positioning, and distinguishes the brand from its competitors. The best tagline has a long life, meaningful and memorable. However, I wish I was one of those people who went to bed with a problem and woke up with the solution in my head. I am not, but apparently Platinum Crown Hotels & Resorts would eventually play a pivotal role to have a unique and different slogan from its hypothetical competitors that target business travellers.
However, Platinum Crown name speaks with one distinctive voice. Furthermore, Platinum Crown needs much more sophisticated slogan can give its audience something to evoke an emotional response and something to show the luxury and royalty in the brand name. Hence, “Exceptional” will be the slogan for the Platinum Crown Hotels & Resorts which allows the audience to say and remember it easily. While “Exceptional” describes the high quality services and the brand promise, it will give the audience the chance to express their emotions and create another word next to “Exceptional”, such as Exceptional Services, Exceptional World or just Exceptional.   
“We never know what the process will reveal” Hans-U. Allemann, Cofounder, Allemann, Almquist & Jones
- Conceptualising Platinum Crown Logo
The conceptualising process is possibly the most vital stage of logo design. I found that going straight to the sketchpad is problematic because there is no point in drawing if you do not have a practical and relevant idea yet. When faced with the daunting task of creating something new and unique, such as a logo, creative block can be challenging to overcome. This section shows the strategies for overcoming creative block and the conceptualisation process.
1. Starting with the brief
As I mentioned before, as a designer, the brief was the road map in order to shows how keywords attribute of the brand that are linked to form the overall message. The keywords helped open mind, expand creativity and identify the overall brand image. Furthermore, writing down the key words summarised the research and also used those words as a starting point and a guide to form the basis for thinking.
2. Flushing out the bad ideas  
Spent a lot of time writing down all the ideas that related with the aims of the brief got mind moving and also allowed to get all the bad ideas out of the way. There is no doubt that bad ideas come up with a great idea during that that time I have spent. In order to avoid mistakes at the conceptualisation stage and before pencil even touches the paper, it was worth that looked at many luxury of logos. I found that I spent a lot of time thinking about a solution, this led me to mental exhaustion and frustration.
3. Sketching the ideas
There is no secret formula to sketching. As a progress with pencil, I noticed that the final artwork that produced on screen improved significantly. However, starting with thumbnails refined that the concept is deemed worthy of exploration. In order to depict Platinum Crown, the symbols were motivated by alchemical symbol for platinum which made by joining the symbols of gold and silver. The quality of initial drawing was not important as long as I had a rough reference to the concept in my mind. The general census was that thumbnails were not polished drawings but quick and small sketches that allowed to quickly to see my ideas and develop them later.
Thumbnail sketches were a crucial but exciting part of the creative process because it allowed me to be as expressive as I can be. It was a great and save time to talk with my tutor Timothy Isherwood through the initial ideas and sketches instead of waiting to present everything after the final execution. After a brief discussion with Timothy Isherwood, he gave me the negative and positive feedback and also recommended using monograms in order to extract a regal appearance and a sense of importance. Indeed, monograms have provided a personal touch, scale very well and provided greater versatility; because they are simple and come up with a unique and smart solutions. Furthermore, major brands adopted monogram logos designed to convey luxury, exclusively, fine workmanship, originally, taste and style to their wealthy customers.
Getting the ideas and sketches on screen
In order for a logo to meet all the criteria in previous stages, all sketches were drawn by using vector graphics editing software, Adobe Illustrator. After translated the original sketches from the sketchpad onto the screen in such a short time and as a good test, all initial logos were showed to both designers and normal people. They were asked about their opinions on logos and if the monograms remind them of any existing logos that they have already seen and what feelings they get from looking at the logos. Then I tried to think such as a target audience and forgot the fact that I designed the logos to feel the connections with the target. 
The feedback that I received from Tim Isherwood, designers and some people showed that several monograms have a thoughtful and profound impact, although the majority of them chose three different logos. As a result of the contrasting logos, the simple and unique logo was chosen to reflect a luxury hotel brand mark.
Platinum Crown’s symbolic logo visualises the first letter’s combination of the Platinum Crown (P&C). This unique symbol depends on the circle shape in its design in order to express the infinity and sustainability concept. Secondly, the logo displays the majesty and royalty image through adding a lily flower symbol on top of the P&C combination in order to reflect the high-quality luxurious service at Platinum Crown Hotels and Resorts.
Platinum Crown’s logo should always have clear space around it from other surrounding elements or edges.
“The right typography express, promote, and add a brilliant brand, whether it is a city, a sport team, or a soft drink” Jeremy Dooley, Founder, Insigne Design
Choosing a suitable font for luxury brand materials is essential aspect of visual brand. However, Platinum Crown brand depends on two main typefaces, Bodoni MT, and Calibri Regular and Light in order to build an effective identity as well as the distinctive and consistent typographical style that is used with intelligence and purpose throughout thousands of applications over time 
“Color creates emotion, trigger memory, and gives sensation” Gael Towey, Creative Director, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Gold and navy are used as the two primary platinum crown’s brand colors in order to express the majesty throughout the gold color, in addition to, the navy color that helps convince potential customers that its hotels and resorts are reliable, which is even significant the service is luxury. Furthermore, the two colors are traditionally associated with royalty, luxury and calming colors that exude harmonious balance and evoke the values of the Platinum Crown brand. On the other hand, the light cream and grey scale are used as secondary colors.
Logo usage guideline
It is important to acknowledge that after completed the conceptualisation stage, logo usage guidelines provided useful information about how to use Platinum Crown on appropriate levels. It is noticeable that light cream color is used as a background for the logo and also used on some online applications.
Platinum Crown is made up of two elements: the logo feature and the logotype. And also Platinum Crown’s logo does not alter, color, rotate, animate or apply effects to the logo. Furthermore, logo does not separate the elements and does not change the font. In some cases, Platinum Crown wordmark can be used as a secondary identifier.
Iconography is a quick visual method for presenting ideas and communicating information. According to Rainy London Branding (2014), Icons as a visual language serves us every day solving specific UX and design challenges in a succinct and effective manners. Platinum Crown has created iconography for some services inside and outside the hotels & resorts. For example, conference room, rest zone, body care and massage.
Pattern is one of the important branding elements. It has a significant role in branding recognitions, and it makes logo simple in addition to helps branding life to be strong. There are different ways that pattern can be used such as stationary, packaging, work place and environmental purposes. As a luxury brand, Platinum Crown has created two distinctive patterns consist of lily flower symbol, circle, and rectangular, all these elements have a gold color on navy and light cream colors for the background. 
Advertising is more than relying on images, illustrations, or other types of graphics. It is about how to communicate with your customers. According to Steve McNamara (2002), successful advertising techniques are communication tools, the tools you use to attract attentions, engage minds, trigger emotions and change what people think. However, Platinum Crown’s advertising guideline consists of 80% for image area, while 20% for the logo and contact details. On the other hand, the logo will be centred against a light cream color background.
“A website is a living, breathing brand tool that needs to be cared for overtime” Gavin Cooper, Design Educator and Founder
Platinum Crown has built a site in order to allow more customers to accessible anytime and everywhere. Although website has created in a simple and smart way, it consists of all information and offers that customer needs.
Brand Application
Stationary is an essential means of communication and it is reflect the quality of corporate identity. When it comes to luxury stationary, the pattern contributes as much aesthetics as the design. However, Platinum Crown has used two different patterns in its application design.