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    Chocolate packaging for underprivileged people
Schogetten Chocolate Packaging
Packaging Design for Underprivileged People
School-Project, 2009
University of West-Hungary
Institute of Applied Arts

My chocolate packaging was designed for underprivileged people; it satisfy the blind- and near-sighted ones, as the phisically handicapped ones equally, and it does not mean neither appearance-, neither function disadvantage for the healthy customers.
A code system was designed for the blind ones, which can be perceived separately, with touch – on the upper part of the packaging there is a formation with four cutted squares. With the number of the cutted squares and his arrangement altogether we can make fifteen different code, that is able to cover a chocolate firm's full flavour choice. The code is memorable easily by learning.
The outside, cardboard part of the packaging is openable easily with two simple moves; a tinfoil packaging covers too the chocolate inside this.