Daqustic - Acoustic Environment Conditioning 
Daqustic is an engineering & sound design studio that understands the importance of creating acoustically suitable environments into any living space.
The brand identity concept is based on sound waves that represent how audio travels and bounce in a certain space. Black and white are the color choices for the brand development in order to reflect a cohesive and timeless language, we opt to embrace the concept of sound playing with print finishes such as: silver foil and letterpress. As additional materials we created a series of conceptual Images for future digital applications of the company, such a web development, social media and new products packaging.
The product packaging was designed for a speaker created with raw materials such as cement pad and dark wood.
Online (at)  sabbathvisuals.com

Credits —

Design by: Daniela GuerreroDaniel Larsen Sabbath 
Art Direction by: Daniel Larsen & Sabbath
Photos by: Nation Visuals