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Sk8 for Gr8 | 2nd Edition
Sk8 for Gr8 is a kickass skate brand that creates its innovative products through progressive mentoring initiatives. Every range
of decks that we release is child-inspired and designed by world class professionals. That's because we pair up the most mad talented artists and designers with kids in need of the opportunity to broaden their mind-sets.

The past workshops began with the kids skating down the ramp into our Woodstock studio, minds ablaze and eyes wide
open.  The creative talent from both the artists and the kids exploded during the very first workshop as the journey took them from discovering their style, to developing a brand and executing their imagination. As we kept hearing about the kids' dreams
to launch clothing ranges, skate professionally, transform their communities and even become president one day, our artists' deck designs had no hunger for inspiration. In the end, these eight beautiful designs shone each kid's personality and dreams like little else could. We believe in the biggest dreams, because as one of our young ambassador's said, "You can design anything you see".
Maria Magdalena Van Wyk & Anele

Al Luke & Ishmaeel
Jared Aufrichtig & Zacino
Kurt Daley & Eran
Nick Moser & Xavier
Andrej von Walter & Milisela
Rina Strydom & Anele
Danielle Bench & Simtha
Founder and Art Director of Sk8 for Gr8: Alison Parker
Managing Writer: Brad Harris
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Sk8 for Gr8 | 2nd Edition