Below are the entries for Best Visual Design and Best Motion Design from the Indy Creative Jam but there are many others happening across the US and beyond. Go to to learn more about attending these multi-part events and even participating. We hope to see you in a city near you!
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"To the artist there is never anything ugly in nature." - Auguste Rodin
WINNERS for VISUAL Judge's Award
Team Red Hots took advantage of time saver Adobe Shape CC to get all of their drawings into their CC Library in Illustrator.
WINNERS for VISUAL People's Choice
Team Thunder Lizards
Scott Curry 
Sarah-Jean Murray 
Team Thunder Lizards explained during their presentation that they enjoyed using Adobe Comp CC to create these layouts. Saying "It is the best." 
Team Salmon Ginger Poutine
Ginger Ludden 
Smantha Kyle 
Team Bradash Team
Brad Goodwin 
Ashleigh Lay 
Team Dos Hobo's
Jason Cordial
Aaron Shanahan 
Team Tart Rhinos
Matt Evans 
Britt Baue 
Team Falcon & the Slut
Jennifer Thompson 
Morgan Valentine 
WINNERS of Judge's Award and People's Choice
Team Chutney Factory
Eric Gray 
Skyler Lawson
Team Untitled Team 1
Lauren Banfield 
Julie Byers
Indy Creative Jam

Indy Creative Jam

Entries for best visual and motion design from the Indianapolis Creative Jam on September 17, 2015 but there are many others happening across the Read More