Illustration for 'Bina'.
Bina makes soft, luxurious, 100% hand embroidered clothing in a world increasingly run by machines. Each stitch is a tribute to Indian craft, particularly to the tradition ofParsi Gara embroidery. With work this meticulously executed, no one would notice if you naughtily wore these garments inside out.
Ever since Bina started her atelier in South Delhi, she’s given a sense of confidence and subtle glamour to working women who like herself feel most beautiful on-the-go.
Loved by bold women who never age, Bina’s stuff is good enough to wear for decades to come.Most of Bina’s loyal clients report that these heirloom pieces get better with time and more refined along the way. Wear them at outrageous parties, take them on no-idea-what-to-pack holidays, and through hectic nine-to-fives. 
Illustration for 'Bina'.