Compressed Time
The photography has always had a stained relation to time. 

The moment it clicks the time the photography pretends to represent is gone. The time has been. The constantly flow of time has stopped. The photography offers no explaination of what has been before or what will come after. The reality has to be constructed, and will be, by the viewer.

It's like it takes out a slide of the time flow and now offer the viewer to unfold a new room for experience constructed from within herselves. 

We don't know why the photography is taken but it must have been in the decisive moment in a historical flow? The photography's numen as Roland Barthes calls it. The photography must deliver the suprise that fuells the quality; that invoke the viewer's attention and enable hidden consiousness and tacit knowledge to surface where she can reflect upon it - if she wants or dare.

This project never comes that far. It is another experiment of mine to excavate the relation between time and the photography. Here  by challenging the time in it self. To grasp the flow of time....maybe just to experiment with the possibilities of the photography....maybe just to see.