Outdoor / Ambient
To communicate the Hot Wheels experience, we designed a unique, billboard-like structure that can be attached to bridges on high traffic areas. This enabled people to imagine how the world would be the Hot Wheels way. 

An ordinary surpass bridge took hundreds of parents on a journey back to their childhood, hundreds of children on a trip to their imagination, and our brand on a journey around the world via hundreds of websites and blogs – all at an investment of less than USD$20,000.

•    One Show 2012 / Silver Out of Home-Billboards (First award For Colombia)
•    Clio Awards 2011 / Silver Design Environmental
•    Clio Awards 2011 / Bronze Out of Home Ambient  
•    London International Awards 2011 / Bronze Award Non-Traditional Recreational
•    D&Ad Awards 2012 / Wood Pencil for Wayfinding & Environmental
•    Cannes Lions 2011 / Shortlist Outdoor
•    One Show 2012 / Merit Out of Home-Transit & Outdoor Installations
•    One Show 2012 / Merit Spatial Design-Outdoor Spaces
•    One Show 2012 / Merit Outdoor Design-Transit
•    Communication Arts Selection 2011
•    WPPED Cream 2012
•    Best of Ogilvy Network Vol. 3 - 2012
•    Ojo de Iberoamérica 2011 / Silver Media Innovation 
•    El Dorado Awards Colombia 2012 / Gold Outdoor
•    Antigua Festival 2011 / Silver Award Outdoor
•    Antigua Festival 2011 / Silver Award Media 
•    Antigua Festival 2011 / Bronze Award Design
"...Totally awesome!"  "...genius idea..."

"The Six Best Billboards Of The Last Six Years"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Colombia
Client: Mattel 
Product: Hotwheels 
CCO: John Raúl Forero
ECD: Juan José Posada
CD: Mauricio Guerrero / Diego Cárdenas
Writer: Julián Gutiérrez
AD: Andrés López / Daniel Mora / Camilo Ruano
Photographer: Javier Crespo
Art Buyer: David Alvarado
Hotwheels Loop / Ambient-Non-Traditional

Hotwheels Loop / Ambient-Non-Traditional

We took advantage from a car bridge in order to reproduce a real scale toy track, designing a special structure to be placed on the bridge to mod Read More