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    Branding campaign for a recruitment search agency specialising in I.T. industry
One of the key challenges faced while branding Progression was to ensure the nuances and distinctions of this boutique headhunting firm were clearly expressed without having to shout. Progression has to come across as a specialist in the IT industry and that the positions they fill are of a higher calibre and on the Executive level. In addition, they really wanted to emphasise their strength in being a firm that works very closely with their clients and job seekers to create a genuine fit. In order to allude to its qualities and the overarching message of being a modern, non-traditional, ever evolving and innovative name in specialist recruitment, we used visual keypoints in typography and photography together with a copy tone that was honest, direct and straight to the point.
Logo Design
Corporate stationery
Website Design – Homepage.
Website Design - UX
To make it convenient for job searchers, we have grouped the Profile Submission, Job Search and 4 latest Job Listings into one cluster, and made it available at every page.
Art Direction, Styling for Photography.
(Click here to view a close up of the background visuals that we designed)
Corporate Profile – Single sheet PDF for easy printing
Corporate Profile – Close up