Climate Change | Technologist Magazine 06
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    Natural history illustrations for Technologist magazine 06.
Natural History illustrations for Technologist 06
When Sandro Bacco, the art director of Technologist magazine, asked me to create an iconography of a 3-page article describing some species being put at an advantage/disadvantage by climate change, I immediately accepted it. I myself had been wondering quite long how climate change affected nonhuman species, especially plants, and dreaming of creating a series of botanical illustration about them. But I hadn't found the resources yet. So, obviously this project rekindled my passion.
Painting plants realistically was not something new to me, but visualising Salamander that slick and glossy or Alpine Ibex so furry were a different matter. It was really a great challenge that I just loved. It forced me to rack my brain to find effective solution to depict their distinctive features using watercolours. In so doing, the project widened my painting experiences with watercolours. If  you are interested, you can read my process (incl. tips and steps) of painting the illustrations on my blog.
Technologist is a European magazine of science, published by Large Network, Geneva-based media agency, four times a years, in three languages (English, French, and German). The 06 edition was published on September/October 2015 and the article titled "The Winners and Losers of Biodiversity".
Journalist: Luc Henry
Illustrator: Eunike Nugroho