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    Sustainable Furniture Design | Thesis for obtaining the Master's degree in product design
Sustainable Furniture Design
Product Useful Lifetime Extension by Reuse

Dissertation for obtaining the Master's degree in product design
In a world dominated by consumer society, supported by a wide range of products that arise every day, and the growing of environmental concern, not only by governments but also by societies, we must ask ourselves if these objects satisfy the sustainability criteria. In view of this concern comes the theme of this thesis: Sustainable Furniture Design. This theme result from a constant search to provide different forms of final disposal of used furniture. The objective is to understand how reuse allows the extension of product useful lifetime and try finding methods that contribute to the creation of eco-furniture. It is important to understand, though, how our attitudes affect the ecosystem in order to create solutions that allow furniture products as environmentally friendly.
This work is limited to the conception of a virtual model of a living room set by reusing the components of an existing line of furniture. In order to develop this design it is important to present a consistent theoretical base on the subject in order to support the ideas being deepened. The virtual model of the living room set will be developed by reusing components of the Amber line from CERNE’s wooden furniture company, being submitted at a later time to a verification checklist to determine the guidelines and criteria to be used in its design.

Processing Method
REUSE living room set_renders